Confessions of a Mental Health Counselor in Training: 10 Things You Wouldn’t Have Known About Me Until Now.

For months I have been contemplating whether or not I should publish this piece asking myself what would I accomplish if I pushed that big blue button entitled Publish.

I started this blog just a few years ago with the encouragement of my CUNY BA (CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies), a program that allows students enrolled in a City University of New York college to create their own major in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

There I met my mentor Professor Alexa Capeloto. For those who don’t know her she is an Associate Professor at The City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice teaching journalism. She was also a former reporter and editor for The Glendale News-Press, The San Diego Union-Tribune and The Detroit Free Press. Professor Cap has always been in my corner and even though I didn’t turn out to be a graduate student at The Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY one thing is for sure that my profound love for writing and narrative journalism has not changed.

As a Mental Health Counseling graduate student, we are taught to never self-disclose to our clients with the reason being that the disclosure could trigger something in the client or it can backfire on us even with the best intentions at hand.

This post is intended to give you, my readers a moment of rawness, genuine honesty, humor and maybe a little bit of transparency in between.

But for some of you guys, this list of facts about me is a confirmation that you know me on a deeper level and not only the Asian girl from The Bronx (btw I’m from Brooklyn originally) but for others this will give you a glimpse of me and on somethings you wouldn’t have known about me until now.

  1. I can be both an introvert and an extrovert but secretly I am extremely shy.

  2. I enjoy putting sriracha hot sauce on my food whenever I get the chance to do so.

  3. My favorite and only book I have ever read entirely was Zebratown The True Story of a Black Ex-Con and a White Single Mother in Small-Town America by: Greg Donaldson. 

  4. I am a hopeless romantic but I have never been in love. 

  5. I never actually had a birthday party. 

  6. I have a total of six dimples but the one on the right side of my face is the deepest. 

  7. I absolutely love old school (specifically 90’s) R&B and Hip-Hop. 

  8. I love Law & Order SVU, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder re-runs. 

  9. I can’t swim, bike or drive. 

  10. My greatest fear is not being able to achieve true happiness.


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