Slay Your Next Interview: Tips to Land Your Dream Job.

Nervous about your next interview? No worries, I got you covered.

My last semester of my senior year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York (CUNY) I became a Peer Career Educator for the Center for Career & Professional Development and through this position I looked at nearly 50 students and alumni’s cover letters and resumes while also picking up some valuable interviewing tips on how to ace your next interview.

Before the interview. Close your eyes, sit back, relax and picture yourself entering the doors of your interview and responding to the questions with confidence.

  1. Eye Contact. In some cultures not looking at someone when they are talking to you is considered to be disrespectful. With this in mind, having enough eye contact in an interview demonstrates nonverbal communication that you are interested in hearing what the other person has to say and you are actively listening.
  2. Silence Your Cellular Devices. Nothing is more embarrassing than your ringtone of the latest Rihanna hit single Werk going off in an interview. Put your phone down and on silent before the conversation begins.
  3. Social Media Presence. As technology is advancing ever so rapidly, employers are turning to the internet to research their candidates. Having a resume doesn’t depict your life story or make you worthy for a job, however, having an assortment of social media channels grabs someone’s attention in a way that makes you credible and unique. Try using website like, or
  4. Do Your Homework. Knowing a company’s mission and vision will go long way and knowing any recent news about the company also shows your commitment to growth and professional development.
  5. Don’t be Shy. Interviews can be a pain sometimes. But the purpose of an interview is to have a conversation to get to know who you are. As much as they are interviewing you, you too are interviewing them as well to see if they are the right fit. Remember to be bold, be fearless and of course be you.
  6. Follow-up. We may sometimes forget to appreciate others. Handwriting or send a thank you note/e-mail to the interviewer(s) and be sure to send the note within 48 hours of your interview.
  7. Think Positive. Job searching can be extremely stressful at times. We can apply to 30 job openings and only get 2 interview offerings but always remember that you are doing your best and something good is bound to happen.

And finally, be mindful of how you treat everyone who you come into contact with because you never know who will have input in the hiring decision.

Good Luck and Happy Interviewing!